------  Nourished Root

          • 30 Minute Nutrition Consult

Need an individualized meal plan or assessment? Let's chat, about how I can help you!

Introducing FREE 30 minute introductory nutrition consults. Yes that’s right, 100% free, no further commitments required (just a willingness to show up and want to make changes that support you and your body). Book now!


------  Find Your Roots

          • Nutrition Consults

Do you want to get clear on the current health challenges you're experiencing and have the support and accountability of a coach to take the next steps to improving your wellness? Do you want to be empowered and know what foods support and do not support your body and receive customized recommendations that take the guesswork out of "whats for dinner?" Do you want to take control of your health, but know that you're best supported if you have a side kick guiding you and cheering you on along the way?


As part of this package, you will receive:


  • 1:1 Nutrition + Lifestyle Consultation (2 hours)

  • A Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

  • Individualized Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Practical Tips and Strategies for Balanced Living

  • Helpful Handouts, Resources and Meal Plans

  • Full 1:1 support for 6 weeks, based on your needs and two 45 minute post discovery call follow ups.


------  Cultivating Wellness

          • Nutrition Assessments

If you're feeling a tug in your heart to find a different path, way of eating and nourishing your body, I'd love to be your guide.


So let me help you, included:​

  • Initial Discovery Call (30 minutes)

  • Meal Plan Assessment

  • Customized 21 day Meal Plan

  • Shopping and Meal Prep Guide

  • All Recipes 

  • One 45 minute Post Delivery Discovery Call

Healthy eating doesn't have to be time consuming and complicated. After all you already have a full-time job and busy life. So let's gets started, book!


------  Corporate Wellness

          • Cultivating Warriors

Is your workplace down in the dumps? Are your employees suffering from high stress, poor productivity and overall toxic work environment? 


Now, offering corporate wellness programs, culinary demonstration and wellness presentations. 

Let's chat, about how I can help you!


Culinary Workshops

Let’s get into the kitchen and have some fun! I offer a variety of Culinary Workshops that will teach you practical everyday, natural cooking skills with a deeper exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat, and how we prepare them.

I offer:

------  Group Workshops

Do you have a few friends you’d like to get together? I offer group oriented culinary workshops either as a 2-hour demonstration with sampling or a 3-hour hands-on cooking class, with full meal. 


Want to learn more? Let’s chat about your needs!

------  1:1 Workshops

Not yet ready to dive into the group setting? I also offer private, one-on-one culinary workshops, giving you lots of hands-on cooking experience in the comfort for your own home. I can develop and customize a program to target a specific challenge or I can be your wellness sidekick that gives you the necessary nudge and confidence to dive into making a mess in the kitchen. 


Want to learn more? Let’s chat about your needs!

Whatever is your fancy, join me for a delicious culinary nutrition experience, where I’ll share my knowledge in an applied, practical way so that you can live what you learn, eat what you make and continue to lead the way to vibrant living.